The Noun Project

I have been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks. I have been getting lots of writing done –hopefully some that I will soon be able to link some of it to this site – but not much blog writing.

In addition to writing, I have been preparing a lot of presentations recently
– one for our student research day, two more for my comprehensive exam defense and a few other miscellaneous talks that I have been asked to give.

I have been trying very hard this week to make my comprehensive exam slides interesting and with as little text as possible – my examiners all come from different backgrounds, and I want them to be able to follow my presentation easily.

For that reason I was overjoyed when I discovered The Noun Project this week. It’s a website full of pictograms that are in the public domain or creative commons licensed. I have been heavily using them for some aspects of my presentations.

I’m most impressed so far by the wide range of pictograms – even for science and health topics. There are a huge number of pictograms describing different aspects of the healthcare system – including at least one specifically for HIV Centre. Here are two that I was surprised to discover in the library:

Prostitution and Forced Labour:


For my presentation I have been able to find a good pictogram to describe each of the social factors that contributed to the early spread of HIV – which means that instead of presenting a bullet point list of factors, I can present a colorful slide of pictures instead!



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