Quickly scan everything

I have never been good with paper. Take a look inside most of my binders and you will find reams of  loose (but hole punched) papers that I have inexplicably failed to fasten into place.

As you might imagine, my filing cabinet isn’t a great place to find anything either.
Over the past year though, I have made a major effort to scan everything that I can. Anything I need, from receipts, to documents, to copies of of journal articles that I have read on paper, go right into either Google Drive or Evernote. Since we got rid of our enormous Printer/Scanner combo last year, I have managed to do all this scanning entirely with my phone and iPad.
There are a lot of scanner apps, and you can easily find articles like this  updated every year to tell you what is best. I have tried a lot of these and found that my favourites are the ones that involve the fewest steps – particularly if they are already integrated with the tool I am using to store my data.
Luckily for me Evernote and Google Drive both have their own scanning functions now. I use Google Drive to scan on my android phone, and Evernote’s app called  Scannable on my iPad.
Screenshot_2016-02-03-20-53-44 (1)To access the scanning function in Google Drive, just launch the app, hit the plus button, and you will see the option to scan.
Scannable is cool because it has a function to take the picture automatically – all you have to do is hold your iPad steady over the document you want to scan.
What I like best about these is how easily they integrate into my existing work flow. You can quickly send the documents to Google Drive and Evernote. In Evernote I can also set reminders if the scan is something that I need to deal with at a later date. I can also tag it so that it is easier to find. From Google Drive I can easily share a scan or send it in an email.  Both methods mean that I am never far away from any document I might need.
The real beauty of these apps is that every one that I have tried is more user friendly that my printer/scanner combination ever was.

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