Kindle for research reading

I will be one of the first to admit that I use a lot of devices.  While I could probably cut corners in a few places, I like my diversity of choice when it comes to workstations.  My laptop is for writing, traveling, and conferences, but never for running statistical software. That I do on desktop computers at work, at school, and occasionally, at home on my husband’s gaming computer. My iPad is for reading. And my aging MiniMac is for graphic design, and looking at things on the big screen.

I will admit however, getting the information I want, where I need it, and when I need it can be a challenge.  Writing my comprehensive exam this month has really been pushing my usual work-flow to its limits.

One of the things I have stumbled upon while getting through my stack of exam reading was the ability to get your notes and highlights out of Kindle Books and into whatever software you are using to manage citations and literature review notes. Lately I have been using Evernote so that everything is at my fingertips and I can easily tag my notes for later reference.

The Evernote website suggests getting your Kindle highlights out using the WebClipper, here.

But, since I usually have Evernote open and I rarely have the WebClipper open, I simply copy/pasted everything into an Evernote note and got rid of the “Add a Note” messages by doing a find a Find+Replace with nothing written in the replace box.

There seem to be some other options for getting your notes out, but this quick and dirty way was exactly what my comp exam brain was looking for.

As a bonus, this method should work for just about everyone. While I love Evernote, I know that lots of people organize their notes in different ways. If you are using OneNote, a Word document or even an old school binder of paper notes, this should get you what you need without having to go back to your Kindle every time!


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