Google Translate is surprisingly useful

Google Translate has become surprisingly useful. I’m not exactly sure when this switch happened because I’m not usually a huge user of the service. I normally use Google Translate as a pseudo-dictionary: I forget a word I need in French, translate it using the Google Search, and go back to whatever I was doing before.

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Productivity apps: Part 1 of…many?

It is February, which means I have a mountain of snow outside my door here in Canada, and an even larger mountain of tasks stacking up in my e-mail inbox. Since piles of snow and short days make me want to curl up with a good book – rather than a good journal article – I’ve been toying with some of the many productivity apps available on the web. Continue reading

The iPad Pro – my favourite tech tool (and toy)

A couple months ago I broke down and bought the tech toy I have been craving since November – the iPad Pro.
Reading other people’s blog posts, I get the sense people are confused about the iPad Pro. It’s a beautiful looking device, but tech b;others everywhere can’t figure out “who the device is for.” . I’ve seen a lot of  people cry ‘It’s not a computer replacement!’ and wonder why it doesn’t run the Mac OSX.  “It’s too big” others complain, and “only a small number of artists and creative types would really use it!
I’m not sure who Apple intended to make the device for, but I have been using the 12.9 inch pro for the last 2 months and it has fit beautifully into my work flow. Continue reading

The Noun Project

I have been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks. I have been getting lots of writing done –hopefully some that I will soon be able to link some of it to this site – but not much blog writing.

In addition to writing, I have been preparing a lot of presentations recently
– one for our student research day, two more for my comprehensive exam defense and a few other miscellaneous talks that I have been asked to give. Continue reading